Business Systems Analyst

I began working at Student Loans back in October 2004, as a Welsh Administrative Assistant. Luckily for me, my language skills got me noticed by ICT and a few months later I was employed as a System Tester to test the new bilingual letter catalogue we introduced that year. A couple of years later, and by then having a good knowledge of the different career opportunities within the directorate, I progressed to a BSA role.

During my time as a BSA, I've been involved in a number of exciting projects including involving improved production of correspondence, making more information and functionality available to our customers through our web sites, and our new, improved document scanning process. As part of these projects, I've been involved with producing our standard analysis documentation, analysing issues, problem solving, raising change requests and generally making sure our business partners get the deliverables they expect.

I'd encourage anyone with good communication skills, an eye for detail and a desire to be part of a strong delivery environment to consider this as a career. It can be hard work, but it is ultimately very rewarding.