Assessor, Darlington

The role of a Student Finance Assessor is varied, often challenging and complex, requiring excellent communication skills, both verbally and written.

Dealing with supporting financial evidence, such as P60s and Tax Returns, the assessor is required to have a good understanding of financial documents, and being able to recognise the required information contained within them; to ensure that the household income, used in the assessment, is correct.

You will receive excellent training before you join your assessing team, and you will receive ongoing support through more experienced team colleagues and regular coaching workshops. There is an excellent team spirit within the assessing teams, and you will always find colleagues willing and happy to share their experience and advice with you.

You are expected to have an excellent, and up to date knowledge of the assessing guidelines, ensure that you read any 'Assessing Bulletins' issued, and being able to use our internal 'Guidance and Procedure' tools.

Being a Student Finance Assessor can be a very rewarding role, especially when dealing with students and sponsors who require further help and advice, as you can make a difference to them in ensuring that the correct level of support is awarded.